Nextility provides energy savings as a service to small to midsize businesses in two ways: by installing zero-cost solar energy systems and by providing competitive procurement of natural gas and electric supply.

Nextilty was founded in 2009 by three DC residents with the simple mission of providing simpler, cleaner, more affordable energy options to commercial properties without effort, risk, or investment on their part.

To achieve this goal, Nextility developed proprietary software that has the ability to automatically download and analyze utility bills to determine a building’s energy usage and rates. Nextility Solar uses this capability to offer businesses guaranteed savings through solar energy. They install the systems at no cost, then charge a rate for the solar energy that is always a fixed percentage less than the actual utility rate-guaranteeing savings.

Nextility Power & Gas uses this same software to offer a free Rate Assurance Service, which constantly monitors both the customer’s energy rates and the available competitive supply rates in order to find the maximum savings potential at the moment the opportunity arises.

In 2014, Nextility was the 10th-fastest growing company in DC, having grown from a three person shared working space in Adams Morgan in 2009, to a 40-employee headquarters in Dupont Circle today, with branch offices in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and San Francisco. Nextility continues to look to the future for new ways to expand the ways in which its technological innovation can bring no-hassle, no-cost energy savings to commercial and multifamily properties.

The company is thrilled to be an active participant in the DC Chamber of Commerce and educate its members on making smart energy decisions. It hopes to strengthen its relationship with its neighbors here in the district and stay abreast of legislative developments that have an impact on its business.