At just 68.3 square miles, geographically speaking Washington DC is a small city. But despite DC’s smaller footprint, it can be daunting to navigate if you’re not familiar with the landscape. So if you’re thinking of coming, check out the maps below. We think they’re pretty helpful!


ourcity-icon-1 The Washington region is the #1 region in country for fastest growing private companies POUCOM
ourcity-icon-2 DC has the strongest economy in the United States InTheCapital
ourcity-icon-3 Washington has the #1 retail market on the east coast Marcus & Millichap Annual State of the Retail Market
ourcity-icon-4 DC is among the top 10 cities in the country for young professionals
ourcity-icon-5 The Washington metropolitan area boasts the lowest unemployment rates of any major community in the nation
ourcity-icon-6 DC is among the top 10 in venture capital investment
ourcity-icon-7 The District has the most educated residents in the United States Washington Post
ourcity-icon-8 DC is ranked the #1 new tech hot spot Forbes
ourcity-icon-9 Washington is the #2 real estate investment market in the United States Urban Land Institute
ourcity-icon-10 DC has the most LEED-certified buildings in the country US GREEN Building Council
ourcity-icon-11 The District is the 7th most popular U.S. destination for travelers from other countries, and the top departure city for international travel WTOP
ourcity-icon-12 DC boasts 50,000+ registered business, and is the #2 among US cities for Best Small Business Economic Health Kauffman Foundation
ourcity-icon-13 DC’s population growth of 2.7 percent since 2010 is faster than any state in the U.S. US Census Bureau
ourcity-icon-14 The District is ranked the #2 Coolest City in the Country Forbes
ourcity-icon-15 Washington is the #1 city in the country for producing and attracting business founders
ourcity-icon-16 DC is the third best city for female entrepreneurs in the country
ourcity-icon-17 The District ranks as one of the best cities for new grads in 201
ourcity-icon-18 DC is the third happiest city for young professionals
ourcity-icon-19 Washington, DC has been named the #2 city in the country to find tech professionals
ourcity-icon-20 DC ranked #2 on the list of America’s Fastest Growing Small Business Cities Washington Post