DC Health Link

DC Health Link is the on-line health insurance marketplace for residents and small businesses in the District of Columbia.   Established to get people covered and provide transparency, encourage market competition, and simplify the purchase of insurance, providing residents and small businesses the type of market power only large employers had in the past. The Health Exchange Program is a private-public partnership and the DC Chamber provides assistance, education and outreach to small businesses to secure quality and affordable health care coverage for their employees. visit www.dchealthlink.com. 

For more information contact Estell Lloyd DC Health Link Business Outreach Coordinator, 202.347-7201 x1897 or elloyd@dcchamber.org.

L.S. Caldwell Business Of The Month

S. Caldwell & Associates, Inc. (LSC), located in Ward 4 in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood, was incorporated in 1991 as a full-service employment and contracting compliance consulting firm. During their 25-plus years serving clients in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, LSC has become recognized within the business community as an expert in the development, implementation, oversight and monitoring of Subcontracting, Employment and Community Awareness (CAP) Compliance Programs for public and private sector clients.

Starting with being the first business to support the DC Department of Employment Services’ One City One Hire program, LSC has continued to participate in numerous economic development initiatives with public and private sector agencies and organizations in the District.  As part of their area of expertise, LSC has also assisted many small businesses with certification as local (CBE), minority owned (MBE), and disadvantaged (DBE) business enterprises to enhance economic development opportunities and increase access to employment prospects for a myriad of constituents.

In order to attract and retain the most qualified personnel, LSC strives to offer a robust employee benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as supplemental health insurance, life and disability coverage for staff and their dependents.

LSC became a member of DC Health Link for group medical insurance coverage during their most recent annual renewal cycle. The switch to DC Health Link has greatly increased the variety of plans for employees, enabling them to pick the right balance of premiums, deductibles, and benefits to meet their individual and family needs at a cost savings. It has also reduced the company’s cost and administrative burden, while better engaging employees in understanding their options and  plan selections.

“We have been very pleased with the service, benefits and increased flexibility that being a DC Health Link member provides”, says President, Loretta S. Caldwell.

OIC Business Of The Month

The Opportunities Industrialization Center of Washington DC (OIC/DC) is a 501c3 non-profit, community based organization with more than 51 years of experience as a contractor with federal and District government agencies and the private sector to provide job training and placement services for youth and adults. OIC/DC has three sites: two located in Ward 8 and one in Ward 1. OIC/DC is a licensed Post-Secondary Non-Degree Institution. OIC/DC is also a certified Certiport Testing Center.

OIC/DC’s mission is to work with the government, private sector, community, employers and disadvantaged youth and adults to both prepare people to successfully enter and remain in the workforce and to meet employers’ needs for qualified workers. Our core activities combine an array of workforce, education and support services and programs that focuses on workforce preparation. OIC/DC is a part of a national network of OIC’s that provide workforce development services in more than 45 cities around the country. This network allows OIC/DC to have a direct “pipeline” to “best practices” in employment and training.

OIC/DC has been a proud customer of DC Health Link since 12/1/2015 offering 27 employees quality health coverage that is affordable and easily accessible.

CODICE Business Of The Month

CODICE is an information technology and operations consulting firm focused on delivering customized, high-quality solutions to government agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. CODICE’s services include a broad spectrum of IT, healthcare project administration, compliance, business process outsourcing, and talent management solutions.

Headquarters in Ward 5, CODICE was established in 2009 and is recognized as having a high-quality, multidisciplinary team that brings key experience and skillsets from prominent technology firms, healthcare organizations, and government administrations.  Their results-based approach is employed by more than a dozen government agencies and some of the nation’s leading corporations including the D.C. Department of Health, D.C. Department of Education, Maximus and many more.

The CODICE team, comprised of 48 full-time employees, provides supplement resources for their clients’ existing IT and operational staffs, and provides fully outsourced functions. The team includes subject matter experts in healthcare, education and social programs; enterprise architects; database administrators; software developers and testers; business analysts; help desk technical support staff; project managers and quality engineers.

CODICE is led by Dash Kiridena, a financial and operations expert with more than 25-years’ experience in the healthcare and technology industries, including serving as the Director of Medicaid Recovery for the District of Columbia Public Schools. Dash believes in recruiting a diverse, top tier talent pool and providing them with training and professional development opportunities, so they can excel. As a company working within many aspects of the healthcare sector, CODICE believes in providing its employees with quality healthcare coverage and choices. Since 2015, CODICE has provided comprehensive medical and dental coverage through DC Health Link.